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        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 17:54:36

        (重慶大學光電技術及系統教育部重點實驗室,重慶 400044)
        A New Photoelectric Detection Model of Red Blood Cell
        Guo Yongcai, Zhang Xiaoming, Gao Chao, Zhou Sen
        (Key Laboratory Optoelectronic Technology and Systems of the Education Ministry of China,Chongqing University, ChongQing 400044)
        Abstract: In this paper a new light scattering detection model of red blood cell was introduced. This model based on the oblate ellipsoid model and the anomalous diffraction approximation, The numerical analysis technique is applied to discuss the scattering amplitude affection of the blood cell separately, such as, in the variety of body, volume, relative refractive index and orientation angle, the dynamic relationship distribution is set up correspondingly, the model is proved by the experiment at the end of the paper. The simulation data indicate that the volume and relative refractive index of different red blood cell has the prominent effect on the scattering information in small range angle, which can help distinguish the different cell types in heterogeneous population of nucleated cells, so it can be well used in cell classification field.
        Keywords: light scattering; red blood cell; anomalous diffraction approximation; oblate ellipsoid model; simulation analysis; experiment proving