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        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2013-11-8 17:37:06

        基金項目:國家自然科學基金資助項目(81272400); 高等學校博士學科點專項科研基金資助課題(20130092110052)

        (東南大學醫學院,江蘇省南京市 210009)
        摘要:肝轉移是結直腸癌患者死亡的主要原因。40-50%的患者在原發灶切除術后會發生肝轉移。早期診斷肝轉移是使患者獲得根治性手術機會,得以長期生存的關鍵。一期或分期肝切除術是肝轉移患者的首選,可切除性肝轉移患者5 年生存率可達25-44%,但不可切除性肝轉移患者的中位生存期不超過2 年。因此,盡早識別肝轉移對于延長結直腸癌患者的生存至關重要。目前肝轉移的早期診斷多依賴于影像學及定期的臨床和血清學檢查,這些監測手段缺乏足夠的靈敏度和特異性。尋找肝轉移早期診斷的新方法是當前研究的熱點,本文對從患者結直腸癌原發灶、血清中尋找與肝轉移相關分子標記物的研究進行總結綜述,以期為結直腸癌肝轉移的早期診斷提供多維度的新思路。
        Molecular markers predict colorectal cancer liver metastases
        CHEN Jing, HE Youji
        (Medical School, Southeast University, Nanjing 210009)
        Abstract: Distant metastases are responsible for the great majority of colorectal cancer (CRC)deaths, mainly due to liver metastases. 40-50% of CRC patients will develop liver metastases after he surgery of primary tumor. Hepatic resection is the only potentially curative treatment for those patients. Therefore, early detection of liver metastases is of the utmost priority and can result in more radical surgery and thus long-term survival. Early diagnosis of liver metastasis is currently  more dependent on imaging and periodic clinical and serological examination, these monitoring tools lack sufficient sensitivity and specificity. Current research focus on new methods for early diagnosis of liver metastases. We review studies on molecular markers from primary tumors and sera of colorectal cancer patients and expect to provide multidimensional idea for early dignosis of
        coloractal cancer liver metastases.
        Key words: colorectal caner; liver metastases; early dignosis; molecular marker