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        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 16:09:53


        許煥麗,林秀坤 580
        摘要:很多腫瘤的發生發展過程都存在凋亡異常現象。靶向凋亡信號通路已廣泛被認為是腫瘤治療的重要手段。中藥在中國已應用數千年,且許多中藥已被證實可有效治療多種惡性腫瘤。隨著全球腫瘤發生率的逐年升高,中藥的抗腫瘤作用越來越受關注。許多研究表明,中藥可通過多靶點、多途徑發揮抗腫瘤作用,其中凋亡相關的靶點研究最為廣泛。本文主要綜585 述了幾種基于凋亡途徑抗腫瘤的中藥,尤其是臨床上具有確切抗腫瘤效果的中藥,同時明確了中藥作為抗腫瘤藥物的瓶頸問題和發展前景。

        Antitumor effects of traditional Chinese medicine by targeting cellular apoptotic pathway
        XU Huanli, LIN Xiukun
        (Department of Pharmacology, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Capital Medical University)
        Foundations: Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 81302906)and Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education(no. 20131107120019) Brief author introduction:許煥麗,1983年生,女,講師,抗腫瘤藥理學 Correspondance author: 林秀坤,1957年生,男,教授,抗腫瘤藥理學.

        Abstract: Defects in apoptosis are common phenomenon in many types of cancer and are also the critical step in tumorigenesis. Targeting apoptotic pathway has been considered as an intriguing strategy for cancer therapy. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) have been used in China for thousands of years, and many of them have been confirmed to be effective in the treatment of different 10 tumors. With an increasing cancer rate worldwide, the anti-tumor effects of TCM attracted more and more attention worldwide. Many TCM have been shown to possess antitumor effects through their multiple actions on multiple targets, and apoptosis pathway related targets are extensively studied and defined to be the most promise targets. This review focuses on several antitumor TCM especially those with clinical efficacy based on their effects on apoptotic signaling pathway. The problem and prospect 15 on TCM development as anticancer agents are also presented.
        Key words: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM); Anti-tumor effects; Apoptosis