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        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 16:30:46

        基金項目:國家自然科學基金(81173075,81202596,81330081);高校博士學科點專項科研基金(20123420110003,20113420120006) 作者簡介:吳育晶(1981-),女,講師,抗炎免疫藥理學 通信聯系人:魏偉(1960-),男,教授,博導,抗炎免疫藥理學.

        (安徽醫科大學臨床藥理研究所, 抗炎免疫藥物教育部重點實驗室,合肥,230032)

        摘要:自從1965年首次發現免疫球蛋白D (Immunoglobulin D, IgD)以來,IgD一直是最為神秘的抗體家族成員。從魚類到人類進化發展中, IgD一直保留并發揮重要的免疫學功能。IgD在免疫系統中兼具受體和配體的雙重身份:作為膜受體,在B細胞早期發育中IgD可在IgM缺失時替代IgM的功能;在炎癥和免疫平衡的監測中,IgD起到調節免疫應答和維持免疫系統平衡的作用;作為配體的IgD可以通過與其受體(IgD receptor, IgD-R)結合并激活下游10 信號通路,介導T細胞的活化及T 、B細胞的相互作用。本文就IgD與IgD-R的結構特點、生理功能、相關的信號通路,IgD異常與疾病的關系及以IgD及IgD-R為靶點的藥物治療前景等研究進展做一綜述。
        中圖分類號:R392.5;R967 15

        Research progress on the function and signaling pathways of Immunoglobulin D and its receptor
        WU Yujing, HUANG Qiong, CHEN Wensheng, DAI Xing, WEI Wei
        (Institute of Clinical Pharmacology, Anhui Medical University, Key Laboratory of  Anti-inflammatory and Immune Medicine , Ministry of Education, Hefei 230032, China)
        Abstract: Immunoglobulin D (IgD) has remained a mysterious antibody class since firstly founded in 1965. Although the structure of IgD has been very dynamic throughout evolution, it has been preserved in evolution from fish to human for important immunological functions. IgD plays an important role in immune system not only as a receptor but also as a ligand: as a membrane receptor, IgD can substitute IgM when IgM is absent in early B cell development, it also can arrange an surveillance system between immunity and inflammation,taking part in immune response and regulating immune system balance; as a ligand, IgD may take part in immune response through cross-linking with its putative binding receptor (IgD-R) and activate the signaling pathway to activate T cell and to influence the T-B cell interaction. This article makes a  brief summary not only on the structure characteristic, physiology function, related signaling pathways of IgD and IgD-R, but also on the abnormal expression of IgD in diseases and the IgD/ IgD-R targeting therapy prospect.
        Key words: IgD;IgD receptor;structure;function;signaling pathway