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      組蛋白修飾與DNA 及microRNA 甲基化在胃癌中的研究進展
      來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 16:55:27

      組蛋白修飾與DNA 及microRNA 甲基化在胃癌中的研究進展
      基金項目:Higher Specialized Research Fund for Doctoral Program of Ministryof Education of China

       (中國醫科大學附屬四院胃腸外科,沈陽 110032)
      摘要:表遺傳學修飾在胃癌的發生、發展中起重要作用,組蛋白修飾與DNA 甲基化及microRNA 甲基化作為表遺傳學的重要組成部分已成為研究的熱點.大量研究發現蛋白修飾與DNA 甲基化及microRNA 甲基化在胃癌中分別發生了不同程度的改變, 這種變化
      具有重要的臨床價值,可能成為判斷腫瘤生物學特性及臨床預后的重要指標之一。本文就與胃癌相關的組蛋白修飾與DNA 甲基化及microRNA 甲基化研究進展作一綜述.
      關鍵詞:胃癌; DNA 甲基化;組蛋白修飾;microRNA 甲基化
       Advances in Study on Histone Modification and Methylation of DNA and microRNA in Gastric Cancer
      LIU Jian, DAI Dongqiu
      (Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery,the Fourth Affiliated Hospital,China Medical University, Shenyang 110032)
      20 Abstract: Histone modification and methylation of DNA and microRNA, as important components of epigenetics that plays vital role in the development and progress of gastric cancer, has become a research hotspot. Accumulating studies have demonstrated that changes in Histone modification and methylation of DNA and microRNA occurred in gastric cancer, having significant value in clinical practice and May become the judge one of the important indexes of tumor 25 biological characteristics and clinical outcome.This article reviewed the recent advances in study on Histone modification and methylation of DNA and microRNA in gastric cancer.
      Key words: gastric cancer; Histone Modification; DNA Methylation; microRNA Methylation