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      1. 基于樣本熵的房顫規整性特征提取研究
        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 18:09:39

        (1. 中南大學地球科學與信息物理學院,長沙 410083;2. 中南大學湘雅醫學院心血管內科,長沙 410008)
        摘要:房顫 (Atrial Fibrillation, AF) 是一種復雜的心律失常疾病,由于缺乏對其特征進行進行有效描繪的定量指標,其治療效果一直不理想。樣本熵是一種度量序列復雜性和統計量化的非線性動力學參數,在分析很多生理時間序列時取得了很好的效果。本文基于樣本熵的基本物理原理,并把其引入到AF 信號的分析中,以實現對房顫時心房電信號的規整性水平或程度進行準確刻畫與描繪。對陣發性房顫進行預測的實驗結果表明,從主心房活動波得到的樣本熵是一個有效的衡量房顫時心房內部電生理特征的非線性指標,為臨床提供了有益的量化特征指引,對促進房顫特征機制的理解和改善臨床治療效率具有重要的意義。
        Charaterization of Organization About Aatrial Fibrillation Using Sample Entropy
        Huang Zhongchao1, Xie Qiying2
        (1. school of Geosciences and Info-physics,Central South University, ChangSha 410083;2. Cardiovascular Department,Xiangya Hospital, Central South University, ChangSha 410083)
        Abstract: Atrial Fibrillation (AF) is a type of complex atrial arrhythmia. Due to the shortage of quantatative variables which can effectively characterize the AF, the treatment effect is non-ideal until now. Sampel entropy (SaEn) is a kind of nonlinear and statisitical quantatitive dynamic parameter used to measure complex time series, and has been successfully applied to analyze amout of physiological time series. In this paper, based on the basic physical principal of SaEn,the organization level or degree of AF signals is characterized in detail using SaEn. Experiment results, which came from predicting the  pontaneous termination of proxsmal AF, showed that the SaEn by calculating the main atrial activity waves (MAV) is a effective nonlinear variable for measuring the electrophysiological behavior of patients' atria. So, the proposed method provides a quantatative index for clinical AF diagnosis and enables the improvement of AF comprehension and treatment.
        Keywords: Biomedical Engineering; Atial Fibrillation; Sample Entropy; Main Atrial Activity Wave; Proxsymal AF