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      1. 基于SOM 網絡的透析充分性指標評估模型的研究
        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 18:10:57

        基于SOM 網絡的透析充分性指標評估模型的研究
        (1. 華南理工大學自動化科學與工程學院,廣州 510640;2. 精密電子制造裝備教育部工程研究中心,廣州 510640)
        神經網絡的透析充分性指標評估模型。該模型基于SOM 的聚類理論,采用覆蓋初始權值化方法,將眾多專家對各項指標重要程度的打分矩陣聚類,每一類所對應的SOM 網絡權重反映了本類專家對評價指標重要程度的綜合權重。此方法不僅有效地減少了數據處理和分析的工作量,而且降低了主觀因素對結論可能產生的影響。實驗結果表明基于SOM 網絡的評估模型是可靠的,具有一定的實用性。
        Research of Dialysis Adequacy Index Evaluation Model Based on SOM
        Gao Chenjie1,2, Zhang Mei1,2
        (1. College of automatic science and engineering, South China University of Technology,GuangZhou 510640;2. Engineering Research Centre for Precision Electronic Manufacturing Equipments of Ministry, GuangZhou 510640)
        Abstract: Based on self-organizing maps (SOM), this paper proposes a dialysis adequacy index evaluation model to deal with the subjectivity and uncertainty of the peritoneal dialysis evaluation. This model is based on SOM clustering theory and adopts a covering initialization theory to cluster the marking matrix given by experts where each cluster is corresponding to the
        comprehensive weight about the evaluation index. This scheme not only efficiently reduces the load of data processing and analysis, but also decreases the influences caused by subjective factor.
        Experimental results show that the dialysis adequacy index evaluation model based on SOM is reliable and effective.
        Keywords: neural network; dialysis adequacy; self-organization map(SOM); the weight of dialysis adequacy index; evaluation