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        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 18:43:05

         Noise reduction in ventricle strain estimation based on simulated and real heart Ultrasound images
        ZHANG Yaonan1, LI Sai1, LI Xian1, YANG Jun2* 5
        (1. Sino-Dutch Biomedical and Information Engineering School, Northeastern University; 2. Department of Cardiovascular Ultrasound, The First Hospital of Chinese Medical University)
        Brief author introduction:Research area: medical image analysis.

        Abstract: Cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) is a revolutionary treatment for heart failure diseases. Ultrasound echocardiography remains a valuable imaging technique for CRT patient selection, but it is still not accepted by the clinical society because of its inconsistent measurement results. A 10 computational simulation could be a viable approach for validation. This paper reports our initial results of Ultrasound imaging simulation on heart. Based the simulated data and real Ultrasound images, we investigated the methods to improve the speckle tracking and strain estimation in Ultrasound echocardiography. The results turned out that a proper noise filtering and background removal could significantly improve the outputs of speckle tracking and strain estimation15
        Key words: Image analysis;motion estimation;Ultrasound; heart;simulation

        (1. 東北大學中荷生物醫學與信息工程學院; 250 2. 中國醫科大學附屬第一醫院心血管超聲科)
        摘要:心臟再同步化治療(CRT)是一個針對心臟衰竭疾病革命性的治療,醫學超聲是選擇CRT患者一項很有價值的成像技術,但因為它的測量結果重復性問題,它仍然沒有被臨床所接受。為此找到一個合適的驗證方法很有必要。通過計算模擬超聲成像然后進行驗證是一種可行的方法。本文報道了我們模擬心臟超聲成像的最初結果。基于模擬數據和實際超聲圖255 像中,我們發現噪聲抑制對斑點跟蹤技術和心室應變估計有重要影響。本文研究不同噪聲抑制方法以及初步結果。