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        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 15:21:13

        基金項目:教育部博士點新教師基金(No.20100002120016);自然科學基金青年基金(No. 81101114) 作者簡介:杭圣超(1992-),男,碩士,生物醫學信號處理 通信聯系人:彭誠(1980-),女,助理研究員,從事生理信息檢測等領域研究. E-(1. 清華大學深圳研究生院; 2. 清華大學醫學院生物醫學工程系)
        摘要:隨著耳機的普遍使用與環境中各種噪聲的存在,聽力損失已經成為影響人們生活的重大威脅之一。耳聲發射能夠客觀的反應耳蝸功能狀態,而自發耳聲發射(Spontaneous otoacoustic emission,SOAE)和同步自發耳聲發射(Synchronized spontaneous otoacoustic emission,SSOAE)對早期聽力損傷更為敏感,兩者之間的內在聯系更有可能反應了耳蝸的內在特性,因而研究兩者的相互聯系,尤其是SSOAE向SOAE的變化過程,將有助于判斷耳蝸的健康狀況。本文采用實驗室自行研制的耳聲發射測量系統進行SOAE及SSOAE的測量和數據分析,對12位受試者進行了SOAE與SSOAE信號的檢測和分析。實驗結果表明,SSOAE中與SOAE頻率對應的成分的幅度隨時間呈現兩種趨勢——單調下降或者先升后降,反應了“耳聲發射系統”從被Click聲激勵逐漸過渡到靜息狀態的內在特性。
        The study of the characteristic of SOAE and SSOAE
        HANG Shengchao1,2, PENG Cheng1,2, LI Junkui1,2, GUO Zhenchuan1,2
        (1. Graduate School at Shenzhen,Tsinghua University; 2. Department Biomedical Engineering,Tsinghua University)
        Abstract: With the widespread use of headphones and the presence of various noise environments, 25 hearing loss has become one of the major threat affecting one of people's lives. Otoacoustic emission can reflect the functional status of cochlear, while the Spontaneous otoacoustic emission(SOAE) and the Synchronized spontaneous otoacoustic emission(SSOAE) signals are more sensitive for early stage hearing damage, the inner link of two signals is more likely to show the inherent property of cochlear. Therefore, studying the interrelation of them , especially the 30 transition process from SSOAE to SOAE, will be helpful to judge the health condition of cochlear.In this paper, SOAE and SSOAE of 12 subjects were measured and data analyzed based on an OAE measurement systems developed by the laboratory.The result indicates that the amplitude of those SSOAE signals that share the same frequency as in those SOAE signals had two kinds of temporal trends as the time passes: monotonically  decreasing or first increases then decreases, which reflected the inherent property of the “OAE system” transiting from the stimulation to the quiescent condition.
        Key words: biomedical engineering; Spontaneous otoacoustic emission; Synchronized spontaneous otoacoustic emission