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        腫瘤熱治療系統的模糊邏輯PID 控制器設計
        來源: | 作者: | 發布時間:2014-4-15 18:12:01

        腫瘤熱治療系統的模糊邏輯PID 控制器設計
        (上海交通大學生物醫學工程學院,Med-X 研究院,上海 200030)
        摘要:本文介紹了一個冷熱療系統,它可以將冷熱交替治療的優點應用于腫瘤治療中。同時,我們為該冷熱交替治療系統設計了新穎的控制系統,以保證其有效工作。首先,熱療時,該控制系統可以保證射頻探針周圍的組織溫度保持在一個合理的范圍之內。其次,設計的模糊邏輯PID 控制器可以保證熱療時實現溫度的精確控制。在離體豬肝上所做的實驗結果表明,所提出控制方法讓該冷熱治療系統具備良好的性能。
        關鍵詞:模糊邏輯PID 控制器;冷熱療系統;探針防過熱保護

        The design of thermal treatment system via fuzzy logic PID
        Song Mingyang, Cai Zhanghao, Bai Jingfeng, Sun Jianqi, Xu X. Lisa
        (School of Biomedical Engineering and Med-X Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University,ShangHai 200030)
        Foundations: National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC11005074, NSFC50725622); Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education (20100073120004); Biomedical Engineering Cross-Research Fund of Shanghai Jiaotong University (No. YG2010MS81)
        Brief author introduction:Song Mingyang, Male, Master Candidate, Intelligent Control of Medical Instruments.
        Correspondance author: Jianqi Sun, (1981-), Male, Assistant Research Professor,Synchrotron Radiation Imaging and Medical Device.
        Abstract: In this paper, a cryosurgery-hyperthermia system is proposed for taking advantage of the alternated cooling and heating treatment in tumor. A novel control system is proposed to ensure that the thermal system works effectively. First, the tissue temperature around the probe is regulated and kept in a desired range when radio frequency ablation is operated. Sectumor sizeond, precise control of temperature is achieved in hyperthermia treatment using fuzzy logic PID type controller. The results of ex vivo liver experiment demonstrate that this system could provide a rather good performance with the proposed control method.
        Keywords: fuzzy logic PID; cryosurgery-hyperthermia system; protecting probe from overheat